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  • An Introduction To Riser Chair Fabric

    Each and every manufacturer claims to select the very best materials for their chairs. When they use marketing terms to make them feel unique and better than all the rest, it can be difficult to know what to choose. Unfortunately this is made worse by the advantages and benefits of each material. All on top of deciding the best colours to match in with your decor.

    Some manufactures will have a wide range of different finishes, colours and also textures, and may even differentiate this further with options for home and also healthcare chairs. However in simple terms there are three basic options to consider - with a few variants underneath. We will always guide you through the process and potentially the best options for your situation - but please speak to us before ordering your chair.


    Leather is often the most expensive option, and is often the default option for those looking for wipe clean. Often this is linked to issues with incontinence, however in many situations it may not be the best choice. Leather will become slippery when wet, and therefore more difficult to stay seated. Vinyl would be a much better choice, in this situation so have a look at all of your options. Ultra leather is also a possibility, and often a better alternative as it is much harder wearing and very soft.


    Regular fabric is much more breathable and stretchy than either leather or vinyl and is the most popular choice for home and healthcare chairs. Fabric is also extremely breathable which makes temperature control much easier, and sitting for lengthy periods much more comfortable.

    Unfortunately it is not as simple as they name suggests, there is a huge range of fabric variations to chose from. If pressure relief is one of the requirements, VP fabrics are worth considering as they offer 4 ways stretch, and are extremely flexible - making it a perfect match with mouldable cushioning.


    Vinyl is a good choice for those looking to stop fluid ingress, but using it for the seat itself should be avoided in some situations. Although some types of vinyl are stretchier than others, they still shouldn’t be used for pressure relief as they are much thicker and can feel had when sat on.

    Fabric Protection

    Another mine field can be protecting your chair, there are loads of different products, policies and companies around that will all try and sell you extra add ons. The most important thing to consider is what you are trying to protect from, if you have chosen the correct fabric then things like staining and wear will be avoided as much as possible.

    So a spray on fabric protector or other solutions may not be needed. If the worry is rips and tears then an insurance based policy is the best solution. We offer a range of policy options, so get in touch for more information.

  • A Guide To Seated Meditation

    There is nothing quite like sitting down in your favourite chair and relaxing. Perhaps you’ve been running around after kids all day, perhaps you’ve been walking mountains, or perhaps you’re just enjoying some down time. Whatever the reason, our mission at Stuart Mobility is to make you as comfortable as possible.

    Our chairs are brilliant, and will help to relax your body but they can only go so far. Here is a practice that goes hand in hand with our comfy chairs that will help quieten the mind - our guide to seated meditation.

    To begin with select your nice comfy chair and try and use this spot each time. Your mind will begin to relate this space with relaxation, aiding your body each and every time you sit down. Make sure the chair allows you to sit upright but relaxed, many mediation teachers call this sitting with the posture of royalty. Place your hands comfortably in your lap, trying to relax as many muscles as possible.

    After a few minutes of calm sitting, close your eyes slowly and begin to feel the contact you have with the chair. Feel where your body meets the chair and the different levels of pressure in different areas. Concentrate on the internal feelings of your body and mind for a few minutes and feel the messages it is giving you. Start at the top of your body and ‘scan’ down to your toes, bring your attention to each area in turn and take note of any discomfort or tension you feel.

    Once you complete this step, calmly and slowly bring your attention to your breath and focus on the rising and falling of your chest. Make this the sole thought in your mind. It is natural for your attention to drift onto other things. However as soon as you realise, simply bring your attention back to your breath again. Letting all other thoughts fade away.

    It is very normal to have to do this many times, and perfectly natural for thoughts to come and go in your mind. As soon as you realise this, simply let the thought go and return to the rising and falling of your chest. If it helps you can count the breaths in and out up to 10, and then start again at zero. You can sit like this for as long as you wish, but just 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference to your mental health and also your motivation.

    With a little practice you will find your mind much quieter and you can focus on tasks much better. As with everything, you will need the best tools available to you. If you feel uncomfortable or are concerned with the pressures you feel while sitting - get in contact with us and see if we can help get you more comfortable.

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