Rise and Recline Mechanisms

Our mechanisms provide a unique range of sitting and recline positions, making sure you can find the perfect positions to enjoy relaxing and resting in your chair. The rise movements provide you with a little extra help to stand and walk comfortably away from your chair. More information and clips showing these mechanisms in action can be found on our website: www.stuartmobility.co.uk.

Single Motor Tilt in Space

The Single Motor Tilt in Space mechanism allows the leg rest to rise, slightly changing the seat angle, but always ensuring that a constant back angle of 90 degrees is maintained as the chair moves through to recline.

Dual Motor Tilt in Space

The Dual Motor Tilt in Space mechanism offers a much wider range of sitting and resting positions as the back of the chair can be moved independently to the leg rest. The Tilt in Space mechanism also maintains a constant back angle of 90 degrees as the chair reclines.

Standard Dual Motor

The two motors allow the back rest to move independently of the leg rest enabling a wide range of relaxing positions, from sitting upright and raising the leg rest to relieve tired legs to a fully reclined resting position

Standard Single Motor

The single motor drives the back recline and leg rise in one single smooth movement. Once the leg rest reaches its full horizontal position the back reclines further into a fully reclined position.

Single Motor Wallhugger

The key feature of this mechanism is the space saving movement. As the back reclines the chair slides forward which means the chair can be placed close to walls and used in smaller rooms where space is a premium. A clearance of only 6” is required behind the chair.