5 year domestic warranty
Delivery and setup included
British made

Multi Bariatric – Adaptable

  • Dual standard motor
  • 40 stone user weight limit
  • Breathable and wipeable fabric
  • Leg lift of 25 stone
  • Removable cushions
  • Seat width up to 30″
  • Made to order


£2,795.00 (excl. VAT)

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Designed for comfort and pressure management control it comes with a Standard Dual Motor offering a wide choice of positions, adjustable waterfall back which is very useful for those with mild kyphosis, scoliosis and reduced muscle mass and interchangeable seat cushions with different pressure management options.

Also finding the right fit couldn’t be easier with the following made to measure options:
Seat height
Seat width
Seat depth

Accommodating the gluteal shelf, reducing shear and friction during movement and aiding the person when they want to stand are all key features.

The Multi Bari is available with a Standard Dual Motor mechanism. The two motors allow the back rest to move independently of the leg rest enabling a wide range of relaxing positions, from sitting upright and raising the leg rest to relieve tired legs, to a fully reclined resting position. Leg section elevation can support reduction in oedema and fluid retention. This reduced fluid in the lower limbs allows a user to maintain their standing and walking abilities.
When the seat is in the rise position it tilts transferring the user’s weight to their knees and taking away the pressure on the hips allowing them to walk away from the chair more easily.

Three Tier Waterfall Back Cushion
The three removable and replaceable waterfall cushions can be repositioned enabling the user to be seated and their posture supported correctly to meet their individual needs. The comfort and postural options are further enhanced with the addition of blockers (see below) that adjust the shape and support of the back cushions, and the ability to adjust the firmness of each individual cushion by adding or taking away fibres.

Back Blockers
At the back of the waterfall cushions, sleeves are fitted to accommodate the blockers to provide additional postural support. The position of each back cushion can be adapted with blockers to adjust the shape and support for the specific needs of each user. Blockers are provided as standard.

Chaise Cover
The Multi Bari benefits from a single, full seat cover. This chaise reduces the risk of pressure areas developing due to pinch points and shear and friction when the chair reclines. Designed with a memory foam insert the chaise offers deep comfort.
The chaise cover and memory foam can be removed for cleaning and replacement.

Arm Rest Design
The arms have been designed to be extra flat and wide, this supports upper limb weight and reduces strain on joints and muscles.

Overall Weight Limits
The Multi-Bari has a weight limit of 254 Kg (40 stone) and a leg rest with a capacity of 160 Kg (25 stone) as standard.

Seat Cushion Weight Limits
Certain pressure management seat cushion options have their own overall weight limits, including the Dynaform, details of which can be found in the Seat Cushion Section. The maximum leg rest weight limit is unaffected by the seat cushion.

Important Dimensions
Option 1                    Option 2                   Option 3

Seat Height             Seat Height          Seat Height
457mm (18″)            457mm (18″)         457mm (18″)
508mm (20″)            508mm (20″)         508mm (20″)

Seat Width              Seat Width           Seat Width
610mm (24″)            660mm (26″)        711mm (28″)

Seat Depth            Seat Depth           Seat Depth
457mm (18″)          457mm (18″)          457mm (18″)
508mm (20″)          508mm (20″)          508mm (20″)

762mm (30″)

Please note that:
Depending on the seat cushion built into the chair the seat height may vary slightly from that shown above

All of our chairs are delivered to your home and set up in a downstairs room of your choice. This gives you peace of mind that your chair is set up where you need it and most importantly you know how to use it. Your chair will be unpacked and all packaging will be removed and taken away.
Your chair will be demonstrated to you and you will be asked to inspect your chair before we leave to make sure you are happy with your purchase and know how to use it and look after it. We sometimes use a third party to carry out this service.

This service is provided free of charge and is included in your price. If you require the chair to be placed in an upstairs room, where no lift is available e.g. a bedroom, then this will incur an extra charge. Please call us for more details.

This chair is made to order and will take approx 5 weeks.

Express Delivery is not available on this chair.

Please call us on 01283 704071 for more information.